August 25, 2020

Good afternoon,


Thank you for your patience and understanding. When we send out mass emails to both elementary and jr/sr high school families, they are generally brief because we are reaching a larger audience with the idea of follow up emails from each principal can be more building specific.


We are working with the county officials listed in the notice and due to so many staff being put into quarantine for either of the two reasons, exposure or possible positive test results we were simply unable to put enough staff in classrooms to teach the students and run the school leaving us with the only choice of shutting down to allow deep cleaning of both buildings and time to clear staff members to return to work. We are not allowed to share with you a lot of details due to confidentiality however, thankfully, the county officials are not concerned about any exposure to our students from staff which is a second reason for this emergency, shut down to keep our kids and their families safe.


We agree this is a tough long term choice but with the current surge in cases and with Labor Day, a holiday typically with a lot of exposure for families, we are worried we will be right back where we started from last week. The District believes the inconsistency of opening and closing is worse than a long term decision which allows us to set up programs for our students as described in the letter. We are in the phase which allows us to bring small groups in and the principals are working this week to do just that as soon as possible. Both principals will be sending out emails later today with more information for you and your child.


I just hope your household is and stays safe and will work to keep it that way from our end. Again, thank you for your understanding and patience.



Tom Akers

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Shelly Capps, Principal
Elementary School
Robert Reagan
Junior/Senior High School
District Office